DeliverableDeliverable nameDissemination levelDelivery dateStatus
D1.1Set of representative COSSIM application domainsPUM4Completed - Download pdf
D1.2Specification of end system (including Network, Power/Energy and Security Sub-Systems)PUM6Completed - Download pdf
D1.3High-level architecture of overall frameworkPUM8Completed - Download pdf
D1.4Evaluation criteria for measuring COSSIM's efficiencyPUM8Completed - Download pdf
D2.11st implementation of processing simulatorPUM12Completed - Download pdf
D2.21st implementation of network simulatorPUM12Completed - Download pdf
D2.31st integration of processing and network simulatorsPUM17Pending
D2.4Development of simulation configuration and execution monitoring toolPUM26Pending
D2.5Final version of integrated processing and network simulatorPUM26Pending
D3.11st set of power models and optimization techniquesPU / COM9Completed
D3.2Implementation of first version of power toolsPU / COM17Pending
D3.32nd set of power models and optimization techniquesPU / COM20Pending
D3.4Implementation of optimized version of power toolsPU / COM26Pending
D4.1Security modelling of the COSSIM frameworkPUM9Completed - Download pdf
D4.2Initial prototype of security and robustness testing platformPUM17Pending
D4.3Security evaluation methodology for cyber-physical systemsPUM26Pending
D4.4Final prototype of security and robustness testing platformPUM26Pending
D5.1Description of the COSSIM hardware platformPUM10Completed - Download pdf
D5.21st Integrated (Mainly Software) COSSIM simulatorPUM19Pending
D5.3Analysis of the COSSIM simulatorPUM31Pending
D5.4Final Integrated COSSIM simulatorPUM33Pending
D6.1Specifications of the initial test cases (1st increment)PUM10Completed - Download pdf
D6.2Design implementation and evaluation (1st increment)PUM21Pending
D6.3Specifications of the full version of test cases (2nd increment)PUM27Pending
D6.4Design implementation and evaluation (2nd increment)PUM36Pending
D7.1Assessment and analysis of the CPS Design implementation and evaluation (2nd increment)simulation/emulation marketPUM12 / 24 / 36Pending
D7.2Strategic directions and scheduling for the project exploitationCOM18 / 36Pending
D7.3Dissemination strategy and communication activitiesPUM12 / 24 / 36Pending
D8.1Project HandbookCOM2Completed
D8.2xPeriodic Progress Reports and final progress reportCOM12 / 24 / 36Pending
D8.5Data management plan (for Pilot on Open Research Data)COM6 / 24/ 36First version completed